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Here you can find information (CV) of our doctors offered medical services providers.

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Dr Tatjana Cvetanović, MD, Specialist in pediatrics and cardiology

Dr Ergić Mirjana, Specialist in Pediatrics

Prof. Dr Rajko Hrvačević, Subspecialist nephrologist, professor of internal medicine

Dr Zoran Paunić, Specialist in Internal medicine - nephrologists

Dr. Nemanja Đenić, Specialist in internal medicine - cardiologist

Prof.dr Vjekoslav Orozović, Specialist of Internal medicine - cardiologist

Dr. Sandra Krstajić, Specialist in internal medicine

Dr Dario Jocić mr. sci. med., Specialist in general surgery

MSc. med. Dr Tatjana Misic, Cert MD-ORT, Specialist in general medicine, acupuncturist

Dr Biljana Kostic, Specialist in pediatrics

Prim. Dr Jadran Bandic

Prof. Dr Radmilo Roncevic, MD, DDS, PhD - Specialist in plastic, reconstructive and oral surgery

Mr. MD, Dr. Oliver Partonjić Lazovic, Specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery

Dr Veliša Arsić, Specialist of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Svetlana Đurišić, Specialist dermatovenereology

Prof. Dr Milenko Stojkovic, Specialist Ophthalmology

Prof.Dr Slobodan Golubović,Specialist in ophthalmology

Doc.Dr Dragan Vuković, Specialist in ophthalmology

Dr Selimir Glišić, Specialist in ophthalmology

Dr Katarina Janković Terzić, Specialist in ophthalmology

Dr Sladjana Delević, Specialist in ophthalmology

Prof. Dr. Petar Aleksic, Specialist in ophthalmology

Doc.Dr Branislav Stanković, Specialist in ophthalmology

Dr Aleksandar Raković, Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics

Prof. dr Aleksandar Ljubić, Specialist of gynecology and obstetrics

Dr Milica Ilić, Specilaist in gynecology and obstetrics

Dr Milica Janićijević, MSc Specilaist in gynecology and obstetrics

Dr Aleksandar Obradović, Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics

Dr Srdjan Sretenovic, Specilalist of neurology

Dr Milijana Selaković, Specialists in neuropsychiatry

Dr Duško Spasovski, Specialists in orthopedic surgery and traumatology

Prof. dr Valentina Arsić Arsenijević MD, MSc, PhD - Specialists in microbiology and parasitology

Dr Stana Tadić, MD

Dr Senka Mihajlovic, MD

Dr Tijana Antin Pavlović, MD

Dr Fedor Marjanski, Specialist in Oral Surgery - implantologist

Dr Olja Kalem, DDS, Specialist in orthodontics

Jovana (Jovanović) Rančić, Dentist

Dragana Ilić Lopičić, Dentist

Dr Aleksandar Marković, Dentist

Dr Ratomir Nikodijević DDS – Dentist

Dr Nemanja Popović, Dentist

Dr Natalija Luković, Dentist

Dr Siniša Tepić, Dentist

Jevđić Dragica, Medical technician - oncology direction

Ratko Ćiric, Medical technician - general direction

Jadranko Lazic, Pediatric Technician

Jelena Jolić, Nurse, general direction