Terms of use

General conditions of organized stay

Introductory provisions

Customer/guest applies for the information about the services of residence and health services in the Republic of Serbia according to the instructions and conditions listed on the site www.medicaltourisminserbia.com   www.healthtourisminserbia.com

Customer/guest residence my apply at other authorized agancy (the mediator) for the organization of stay in the Republic of Serbia.

Organizer of residence in the Republic of Serbia is travel agency with a license issued by the Agency for Business Registers  APR of the Republic of Serbia (hereinafter referred "organizer").

Its programs the organizer will publish on this or his web site, or in their printed booklets.

The organizer is obliged to customer/guest to obtain a set of services that are contracted in the service contract for organization of stay (hereinafter PROGRAM - CONFIRMATION OF STAY, or contract).

Oral information, which differ from those contained in the PROGRAM – CONFIRMATION OF STAY, or in the contract is not obligatory for the organizer of the travel.

Customer/guest may be any physical person (physical person-individual or group visits), which can reside on the territory of the Republic of Serbia in accordance with its laws and regulations.

Contract for service of organization of the stay (PROGRAM - CONFIRMATION OF STAY) between the organizers and customer/guest is concluded on the basis of a contractual offer by one contracting party, and accept of the offer of the other contracting party.

Organizer sets a deadline for acceptance in the offer, which contains the date and hour when starts the day and hour when the deadline for acceptance is up. Deadlines are on even if if the organizer or the customer/guest are absent.

In the event of customer/guest absence during the communication with the organizer, they are obliged to appoint a representative of customer/guest, for which the organizers are informed in writing.

Sending or catalogs showing, price lists, tariffs and other information, as well as the ads made in the press, leaflets, radio, television or otherwise, does not constitute an offer for conclusion of the contract with the organizers, but only an invitation to make offers under the published conditions.

Contract for service of organization of the stay (PROGRAM - CONFIRMATION OF STAY) may be entered via: e-mail, fax, telegram, or by sending a letter.

The relationship between the organizer and the customer/guest shall be regulated by these general conditions of contract and the organization of residence (PROGRAMS – CONFIRMATION OF STAY), that the contracted partners accept as an acceptable business practice, based on the general recognition of freedom of contract.

For destinations-places that are more than several hours of driving / flight away, the first and last day of vacation / residence are not considered to be holiday, and can not be treated as one.