In vitro insemination

If you are unable to have children, in vitro insemination can be solution to your problems. In vitro insemination is recommended treatment only when there is no simpler solution. Merging of female and male cells is done in laboratory, after which the process got its name. Pregnency resulting from in vitro insemination is the same as natural one and has same course.

There are two basic types of in vitro insemination:

1. Classical  type of in vitro insemination (IVF);
2. Microfertilisation (ICSI).

Depending on number and quality of egg cells and quality of sperm (their number, morphology and mobility) a method that would give you best chance for success will be recommended. Process of in vitro insemination involves preparation that woman can undergo in the country or place where she lives. She needs to fill out a form, have phone or skype conversation with her doctor about history of her illness and laboratory data processing.

Patient must present complete medical history about every treatment done in treatment of infertility, because that will help doctor give you better advice.

During preparation phase woman should be in touch with her doctor. After the preparation phase and phase of preparation cycle patient should come to Serbia three weeks in advance, when the procedure should be done. In vitro insemination is done ambulatory.

Price of the medication is not included in the price because every woman is specific and needs different medication and dosage. Also price of the therapy and hormonal analysis performed during this procedure.


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