Weekend program for children

Parents spend more time with their children during weekend. Free hours are used for play, teaching, travel… Now you have the opportunity to spend part of that time on their health, and while visiting our capital, Belgrade. This way examination can be done thoroughly, without rush or panic and in the best facilities. Young children are very sensitive, and for that reason their development should be carefully monitored and children should learn how to take care of their health. They need to learn healthy life style in order to grow to a healthy young people.

Service description:

Assessment of the nutritional status of the child:
  • Measurement of body weight;
  • Body height;
  • Calculating body mass index;
  • Deformities of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Examination of the feet;
  • Examination of throat and ears;
  • Respiratory and cardio-vascular system;
  • Blood pressure measurement;
  • Examination of abdomen;
  • Examination of genitals;

 Laboratory diagnostics:

Blood test:

  • Erythrocytes;
  • Hemoglobin;
  • Hematocrit:
  • Leukocytes and leukocyte formula;
  • Platelets;
  • Fasting;
  • Urine and sedimentation.


This type of examination lasts 30 - 45 minutes.

Before examination the pediatrician will hold a lecture, or workshop, about importance of health approximately one school class long.

According to examination and laboratory results, the pediatrician will inform parents about health status of the child in detail, and answer all their questions.

Every used of the children weekend program will receive a pediatrician’s report and graph of anthropometric measurements, where they can regularly input and follow development of their children.

If parent notices a problem later on, they can always get another pediatrician examination and advice, at any time.

This program is conducted from 08 to 18h on weekends. 

Parents and their children will be placed at facility after customer’s choice that can be found in abundance and who’s presentation we provide on portal www.tourisminserbia.com  

During your stay, as additional possibility, we provide a tourist ride around the Belgrade and its surroundings with a professional tourist guide. The costs or accommodation and tourist round are not included in the price of the package.

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