Symbols of health always were clean face, nourished hair and nails. If you want to be nurtured You have to take care of your skin. Whether you have a need for a medical - cosmetic treatments, or if you have symptoms of a disease it is necessary to consult a dermatologist.

Dermatology is the branch of medicine that examines and treats diseases of the skin, skin and cherk extras (hair and nails), and mucous membranes.

It is divided into general, aesthetic and pediatric dermatology, and includes providing of surgical interventions and cosmetic treatments.


Photoepilation (I shoot)

Photoepilation (larger area I shoot)

Chemical peeling (part of the face)

Chemical peeling (entire area)


Removal of soft fibroma

Removal of larger warts

Removal of smaller warts

Removal of soft fibroma with pathological analysis

Removal of genital warts

Removing moles from the analysis of surgical Ph

Radiowave scar removal

Biopsy without PH analysis

Removal of papilloma

Removal of group of genital warts

Biopsy with pathological analysis

Mycological swab (native skin)

Mycological swab (skin culture) Mycological swab (skin culture)

Removal of more than one change with radiowaves

Appointment with specialist (home visit)

Appointment with specialist (dermoscopical)

Appointment with specialist (dermoscopic map)

Cutaneous prick test

Appointment with specialist of dermatology

Treatment (botox, half face)

Treatment (Botox, hyperhidrosis axilla)

Treatment of warts with liquid nitrogen

Treatment (Botox, hyperhidrosis of palms and feet)

Treatment (Hyaluronic acid )

Veil (less area)

Vela (larger area)