Dr Srdjan Sretenovic, Specilalist of neurology

Formed the first center in the country for the treatment and research of migraine headaches - "Migraine Center", Department of Neurology and Psychiatry, Clinical Hospital Center "Zvezdara", 1999;

Interest in diseases of blood vessels of the brain, Hospital cerebrovascular diseases "Sveti Sava", Belgrade;

Professional development: The Center for Stroke Research, Department of Neurology, University of Medicine, Toronto, prof. Dr. J.W. Norris, Canada, duration: two years;

Bearer of clinical research projects and innovations in the application of neurovascular ultrasonography, post-graduate studies, Canada;

Proffesional development abroad: Center for Headache Sunybrook Hospital, Medical University Toronto, with Professor. Dr. John Edmeats's, one of the founders of the modern concept of the research and treatment of headache;

Member of several international associations:

  • International Association for headaches (one of the board of directors);
  • Member of the World Alliance for headaches;
  • Member of the European and World Federation of Neurology;
  • Member of the Association of Neurologists Serbia;

National expert neuro angiology than 4 years ago.