Dr Biljana Kostic, Specialist in pediatrics

Education: Medical Faculty 1998. Specialization in Pediatrics 2006. Medical Faculty in Belgrade.

Work experience: 15 years of experience in the health center (DZ), two years in a private pediatric practice.

Professional experiences:

- Author of several programs of an educational type of proper growth and development of children;
- Author of congress work at the First Congress of rational therapies in medicine on the topic "Antipyretics abuse'';
- Years of experience in humanitarian work with children with cerebral paralysis and special needs;
- Multiple lecturer at several workshops in the field of pediatrics;
- Involved in the project of medical tourism in Serbia;
- Work in the area of ​​parental consultation;
- Work with the newborn, infant, small child, a child of pre-school and school age.

Years of experience substantiated by knowledge and a timely diagnosis and therapy are guarantee for the health and happiness of the child.