Prof. Dr Rajko Hrvačević, Subspecialist nephrologist, professor of internal medicine

Graduated: Sarajevo University of Medicine, 1981;

Medical experience and military service: Military Medical Academy, Belgrade;

Specialization: Internal Medicine, Military Medical Academy, Belgrade, 1988;

Graduate Studies: Subspecialization Nephrology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, 1992;

Doctoral dissertation: Glomerulonephritis, Military academy of Belgrade, 1996;

Professional development: London, Milan and Los Angeles;

Skills: The ultrasonographic examination of the abdomen , thyroid and parathyroid glands, solid computer skills including experience in designing software for medical applications;

Working career:

1988 - 2005:

  • Nephrology Clinic ( Head of the Dialysis Department of Kidney Transplantation , Military Medical Academy , Deputy Head of the clinic );
  • One of the founders of kidney and liver transplants in the Military Medical Academy and the first head of the newly established Department of Kidney Transplantation;

May, 2005 - 2007: Deputy Chief of the Military Medical Academy;

January, 2008 - Oktober, 2010:

  • Medical Director " Fresenius Medical Care Serbia doo ";
  • Head of Programme Development dialysis centers " Fresenius Medical Care Serbia";
  • For a period of 2 years successfully established four new dialysis center in the country owned by the company;
  • Member of the Board of Fresenius Medical Director of the Corporation;
  • Member of the Commission to improve the quality, safety and efficacy of professional work at the corporate level;

June 2007:

  • Full Professor of Internal Medicine, Military Medical Academy, Belgrade;
  • Associate Professor Emeritus of Internal Medicine, University of Medicine, Niš;

Publications: international and national congresses, symposia, professional meetings, round tables, workshops;

Author or co-author of 100 scientific papers, chapters in professional books;

Author of two monographs: " Living with a kidney transplant - a guide for patients ," 2001. and "Modern methods of dialysis ", 2002;

He is a member of the Association of Nephrology Republic of Serbia;

Deputy Chairman of the Section of Transplantation Medical Society;

Member of the European Society of Dialysis and Transplantation (EDTA );

Member of the International Society of Nephrology;

A former member of the Commission for dialysis and transplantation in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia;

Adviser to the Minister of Health Repulike Serbian transplant;

Languages: English and French.