Plastic surgery

If you are not satisfied with your physical appearance today you can make your wishes come true.

Aesthetic surgery is no longer a tabu. That is a surgery of face and body that deals with the removal of cosmetic defects and contributes to feel better, nicer and happier in your own skin.

Before cosmetic surgery doctor is necessary to do medical tests to determine if the patient is physically and mentally able to undergo the intervention, and to determine the way of use of anesthesia (local, locoregional or general anesthesia).

In less intervention hospitalization usually lasts only one day. For more complicated procedures with possibility of postoperative complications it is recommended a longer hospitalization.

Deviatio septi nasi nasal septum deviation

Eyelid lifting

Upper eyelid tightening in local anesthesia

Laser liposuction of abdomen above navel, stomach below navel (two regions)

Correction of the nose

Laser liposuction of the arm

Nose surgery, rhinoplasty

Laser liposuction of the abdomen above navel (one region)

Protruding ears surgery under local anesthesia

Laser liposuction of the stomach above navel, stomach below navel, waist left and right, left and right sides (six regions)

Laser liposuction of the stomach above navel, stomach below navel, waist left and right, entire back (eight regions)

Lips Correction (lip augmentation)

Hand surgery in local anesthesia

Laser surgery of legs riding pants with inner sides and parts below gluteus- entire legs (twelve regions)

Laser liposuction of the outer thighs, parts below gluteus ( four regions)

Bresst lifting 3-6 cm

Brest lifting up to 3 cm

Breast lifting over 6 cm

Secondary breast reconstruction

Nose reposition

Fat transplantation, lipofilling

“Ten years less” Programme

Breast reduction

Hair transplantation

Breast augmentation

Eyebrow and forehead lifting

Face and neck lifting

Laser liposuction of face and chin

Face lifting

Eyebrow and forehead lift

Penis enlargement

Removal of facial scars caused by acne (dermal abrasion)

Hymen reconstruction

Neck lifting