Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Physical medicine is a medical specialty that deals with the study of the biological effects of some forms of physical energy and their use in the treatment, diagnosis and prophylaxis. It includes physical therapy, physical diagnosis and physical prophylaxis. The treatment use electricity, magnetism, sound, light, heat and mechanical energy. In the treatment participate natural healing factors: balneotherapy ( mineral water and gases ) and climate thalassotherapy - healing factors like the sea.


Anti-cellulite program

AWT treatment with acoustic shock waves

AWT (anti-cellulite program)

AWT (acupuncture)

Bioptron lamp

Daily treatment

Daily treatment during holydays

Extracorporeal show weave therapy (Shock waves)

Electrophoresis of procaine

Electro stimulation of Exp. currencies

Electro stimulation of Kotz currencies

Electro stimulation of Nervus facialis

Physical therapy one treatment


Administration of intramuscular injection

Individual program of work functional hand therapy Individual program of work functional hand therapy

Drug infiltration


IR lamp infra red lamp



Relax massage of the entire body

Consulting appointment with docent/professor

Control check with physician

Control check with consultant

Corrective exercises


Kinezi-therapy after stroke

Laser acupunctural

Laser dispersion

Laser local application

Lymph drain

Local hydromassage bath

Magnets - application

MFR (Miofascial release treatment)

Miotherapy (15 ’)

Rent of magnets

Law frequency electromagnetic therapy

Paraffin / Parafango

Appointment with docent / professor at home

Appointment with physician (with further physical therapy)

Appointment with specialist

Appointment with specialist at home


Reiki treatment

Relax partial massage


Appointment with specialist physician

Spine scan (partial)

Spine scan (complete)

Stabile galvanization

Therapy at home

Therapy day (electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, traction, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, vasculator, kinotherapy)

UV lamp, ultraviolet lamp

Yumeiho – doctor`s appointment

Yumeiho - therapy (1.5 hour)