Gynecology and Obstetrics

Adhesiolysis , removal of adhesions on perineum

Cervix biopsy

Cists removal

Cysta ovarium laparoscopic surgery

Cystoscopia vesicae urinariae cistoscopy of the bladder

Double test (Free hBCG+PAPP) plasma protein A

Specialist expertise

Explorative curretage


Embryotransfer of frozen embryos



Freezing of embryos

Freezing of sperm

Aspiration oocytes



Assisted hatching


HYCOSY hysterosalpingo-contrast-sonography

Hysterectomia radicalis, radical removal of the uterus



Loop and exploration of the cervical duct

Emet cervical surgery


Polypectomia, polyp removal

Polypectomia endocervicalis, removal of endocervical polyps

Cesarian section

Postcoital test

Front correction with bladder lifting

Cist punctures with anesthesia and cytologist

Reconstructive operations of vagina and vulva

Embryo Slow Freezing

Vaginal delivery

Vitrification per straw

Ultrasound with vaginal probe

Ultrasound in pregnancy

Endometrial histerosonography

Ultrasound Doppler

Ultrasound and examination of breast

Measurement of nuchal translucence, double test

Gynecological check up

Appointment with consultant

Control appointment with consultant

4d Ultrasound

Hssg, Histerosalpingsonography


Colposcopy and Pap test

Ultrasound 3D/4D

Application of IUD spiral with anesthesia

Spiral removal

Removal of ingrown spiral

Spiral replacement

Abrasion/removal of genital warts

IVF i IVF/ICSI without embryotransfer

Freezing of sperm for planned procedures during 6 months

Ovulation stimulation

Check up after vaporization

Artificial pregnancy termination

Explorative curettage with anesthesia and PH analysis

Explorative curettage with PH

Polypectomy of endometrial polyp with ultrasound control


Cervix biopsy and histopathological analysis

Cervical vaporization

Cervical conization

Polypectomy, biopsy and curettage of the cervical canal and histopathological analysis with anesthesia

Glandula bartholini incision, bartholini gland with anesthesia

Ultrasound, triple test

Ultrasound, quadruple test

Systemic gynecological test (pelvis ultrasound, gynecological examination with colposcopy and Papa test)

Revision of the uterine cavity with histopathological analysis

Biopsy of the chorionic villus

Genetic amniocentesis

Ctg, cardiography


Papa test

Cervical swap

Chlamydia swap

Mycoplasma swap

Ureaplasma swap


Surgical laparoscopy

Administration of infusion


Wound dressing

Pesaro dressing

Pesaro application

Serclage placing

Vaginal shower

HPV typing , human papillomavirus