Internal medicine

Clinic for diabetes counseling

Bronchodilatory test

Bronhoprovokativni test sa histaminom


Bronchoscopy in general anesthsia

Intravenous injection in longer house visit

Ambulatory chemotherapy

Intravenous injection (without medication)

Intramuscular injection during house visit

Ambulatory intramuscular injection

Intramuscular injection after house visit

Infusion administration (without medication)

Scar injection

Intravenous injection at home

Ambulatory intravenous injection

Echocardiography (EHO) of the heart

ECG electrocardiography

ECG electrocardiography at home

ECG electrocardiography under stress


Cholangiography through ,,T,, drain

ECG holter at home

ECG holter at home in suburbia

Ambulatory ECG holter

Blood pressure holter

Blood pressure holter at home

Blood pressure holter at home in suburbia

Ambulatory blood pressure

Infusion of bisphosphonates

Infusion of bisphosphonates at home

4 hours long infusion at home

Ambulatory 4 hours long infusion

4 hours long infusion after the home visit

Infusion at home

Ambulatory infusion

Infusion after home visit

Infusion for hospital patients


Pulmicort inhalation at home

Ambulatory pulmicort inhalation

Pulmicort inhalation after home visit

Inhalation at home

Ambulatory inhalation

Intra-articular injection without ultrasound

Intra-articular injection with ultrasound

Intra-articular injection after home visit

Enema at home

Ambulatory enema

Night ambulatory enema

Enema after home visit

Ambulatory check up

Rhythm conversion- medicine

Ambulatory examination of the physician

Ambulatory examination of the physician at night

Ascit puncture at home

Ambulatory ascit punction

Marrow puncture with cytological analysis

Joint puncture

Rectoscopia, examination of the colon

Sygmoidoscopia, examination of the last part of colon

Transfusion in hospital