Extract from the Law on Weapons and Ammunition

(Official Gazette of RS, no. 9 / 92, 53/93, 67/93, 48/94, 44/98, 39/2003, 85/2005, 101/2005)


This law regulates the purchase, holding, carrying, market, transportation, repair, and restatement of weapons, weapons parts and ammunition. The provisions of this Law apply to foreigners who have approved residence or temporary stay of longer than one year, or otherwise stated by the international agreement.

Weapons, in terms of this law, is every device created, adapted, or intended to expel projectiles, gas, liquids, or other substances through the thrust by gunpowder, air pressure, gas pressure, or other means of discharge, and other objects whose basic purpose of carrying is to carry out an attack.

Weapons, by type, can be:

1. firearm that ejects projectile thrusted by gunpowder or other gases created as a product of combustion as drive matter;
2. air weapons, which release missiles by air drive or compressed gas (bullet, ball, etc..)
3. gas gun, which releases or emits gas or other substances harmful to health;
4. fragmentation weapons, which burst under the influence of explosive or flammable materials;
5. particular weapon which under the pressure of gas or explosive substance releases anesthetic tool or instrument that produces sound or light signal;
6. weapons with tendons, with tendon drive, or other flexible materials drive for releasing arrow or other missile;
7. side arms, knuckles, knifes, daggers, saber, bayonets, and other items with the primary purpose of the attack.


Hunting weapons are hunting rifles of various calibers with arched or unarched choke bores;

As parts for weapons, according to this law, shall be considered: 

1. choke bores for rifles, pistols and revolvers;
2. dressings (adapters) for a firearm;
3. closures for rifles and pistols, revolver cylinders, crowns for pistols, rifle chest or head;

Ammunition, according to this Law, are bullets, cartridges, shells with capsules, caps, seeds, shards, ball, shot, gunpowder, signal, and anesthetic gas filling.

Sale, purchase, holding, carrying, repair and restatement of firearms with silencers or devices for sound damping, with the telescopic sight light beam, or with the device for electronic amplification of light or infra-red device, bursting and gas weapons, cold weapons and devices that are custom made as a firearm is prohibited.

For physical persons, in addition to the above mentioned, is prohibited to purchase, hold or carry semiautomatic and combined long firearms other than for hunting, as well as procurement, possession and carrying of automatic long firearms, automatic and combined short firearms, and special weapons, if the law does not state otherwise.

It is forbidden to carry weapons for personal security without a permit.

It is forbidden to carry hunting, sports, and special weapons outside the hunting grounds, buildings of shooting organizations, and other facilities for special purposes.

Weapons and ammunition kept and carried in accordance with this Law are kept locked, and otherwise provided so that it can not come into the possession of unauthorized persons. It should be carried in safe and normal manner, and carefully handled.

Weapons hold on account of gun papers, approval, and with prior notification of the competent authority may be transferred in case of change of residence or address of the apartment, repair and modification of weapons, weapons owner’s death, going hunting, shooting competition, and other justified cases.

When transfering weapons it must be dismantled, without ammunition, and in the state so that one or more components are separated from it, and hunting weapons and weapons whose breaking is not possible must be otherwise disabled for the current use (in a carrying case, with lockede triggers, etc.).

Unauthorized use of weapons in public places, or places where the use of weapons could threaten the safety of people or objects is prohibited.

It is forbidden to give weapons to the servants, except for hunting weapons to a person who has gun permission for that type of weapon.

Documents determing the right to hold, or right to bear arms is carried with the weapons that are transmitted or carried in accordance with the provisions of this law.

Companies and other organizations that manage hunting grounds that give hunting weapons for use to persons under the regulations on hunting have the right issue and prescribe a document on hunting and time for which the document is valid.

The disappearance of weapons, or weapons found, are to be reported to the competent authority within 48 hours.

If the owner a found weapon is not known within one year, weapon becomes the property of the Republic of Serbia.

Repairmant and restatement of weapons can be done only by companies and shops that before entering the court register or the register of actions, have obtained approval of the competent authority.

Companies and shops that improve or restate weapons can receive only weapons for which the competent authority has issued a permit or gun document.

Each restate performed by the company, or shop, should in writing notify the competent authority within 48 hours in writing.