Complete blepharoplasty

Specialist`s appointment (refraction , biomicroscope , IOP, eye bottom)

Subspecialist appointment

Examination for contact lenses

Examination for glasses

Specialist check up

Check up for contact lenses

Eye swab (standard) both eyes

Eye swab (mycological) both eyes

Eye swab (chlamidia) per eye

Tests for dry eye (but, schirmer, lysozyme green)

Expression and shower of eyelids

Tear duct flushing

Measurement of IOP intraocular pressure

Daily chart for IOP intraocular pressure

Ultrasound pachymetry

Computerized visual field (KVP)

HRT (pno module, macula module )

Hrt confocal biomicroscopy of retina

Corneal topography

Eye ultrasound

Strabological exercise (per exercise)

Preparation for cataract surgery

Preparation for refraction surgery

Preparation for cross linking

Postoperative control

Biographical calculation for IOL intraocular lense

Galileo tomography of the front part of the eye

Application of the therapeutic contact lense

Excissio papilomae cutis / molluscum (to 10)

Excissio papilomae cutis / molluscum (over 10)

Chalazion, bump on eyelid caused by closer of the sweat glands

Excochleatio chalaziones / more

Xanthelasma, changes of the eyelid skin due to metabolic changes

Xanthelasma with skin reconstruction

Trychiasis surgery (electroepilation)



Small eyelid tumors without skin reconstruction

Eyelid tumors with skin reconstruction

Big tumors with upper eyelid reconstruction

Big tumors with lower eyelid reconstruction

Eyelid reconstruction with skin grafts

Palpebral ligament reconstruction

Removal of bags under the lower eyelids (baggy eyelids)

Dermatochalasa / blepharochalasa excess skin on eyelids

Removal of scars from eyelids with skin reconstruction

Senile ektropium outward eyelid due to old age

Senile entropium inward eyelid due to old age

Recurring ektropium surgery

Recurring entropium surgery

Recurring entropium surgery

Pterygium surgery, benign thickening of the eye growing on cornea

Pterygiumg surgery with cornea reconstruction

Cornea incision

Reconstruction with mucous graft

Cornea transplantation (autologous)

Symblepharon deliberation, adhesion between eyeball and eyelid

Symplepharon deliberation with cornea reconstruction

Corneosymblepharon deliberation, adhesion of cornea and eyelid

Corneosymblepharon deliberation with cornea reconstruction

Cornea tumors

Cornea tumors with cornea reconstruction

Removal of foreign body from cornea

Decalcificatio corneae

Corneal limbus tumor removal

Excision of small corneal dermoids

Excision of large corneal dermoids with cornea reconstruction

Lamellar keratectomy

Arcuate keratectomy

Excimer - epi laser (dioptre reduction)

Excimer - transepiteliar (dioptre reduction)

Excimer- phototherapy keratectomy

Keratoplastica cornea transplantation

Keratoplastica perforativa partialis + extractio cataractae + implantatio lentis

Transplantation of amniotic membrane (TAM)

Transplantation of limbic cells (LCAT)+ amniotic membrane (TAM)

Corneal cross linking

Phaco – placement of toric lense

Phaco – restor multifocal lenses

Extractio cataractae extracapsularis cum implantatio lentis

Secondary implementation of intraocular lenses

Reposition of intraocular lenses

Explantation of intraocular lenses

Surgery of complicated cataract with sinechiliosis

Anterior vitrectomy and fixation of intraocular lense

Cataract and anterior vitrectomy

Yag laser surgery of secondary cataract (capsulotomy)

Refraction lens removal (clear lens extraction) and placement of intraocular lense

Refraction implantation of additional lense

Yag laser iridotomy (angular glaucoma)

Laser trabeculoplastics

Trepanotrabeculectomia (TTR)

Trepanotrabeculectomia (TTR) with mitomycine c

Trepanotrabeculectomia + extractio cataractae + implantatio lentis

Strabismus surgery for children and adults

Evisceration without orbital implant

Evisceration with orbital implant

Secondary placement of artificial implant

Explantation of orbital implant

Temporary (first) prosthesis / glass

Flake prosthesis/ acrylic

Full (complete) eye preosthesis

Protective eye lens

Intravitreal application of triamcinolon or antibiotics

Intravitreal avastin application

Histopathological analysis

Hospital day