Prof. Dr Radmilo Roncevic, MD, DDS, PhD - Specialist in plastic, reconstructive and oral surgery

Graduated: Medical School and the Faculty of Stomatology in Belgrade;

Specialized: Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery and Maxillo-Facial Surgery and subspecialized in Craniofacial Surgery and the Surgery of the orbit; 

As a stomatologist, specialized in Oral Surgery;

Published over 200  papers so far. 32 of this papers were published in the leading international journals;

Presented over 100 papers at international congresses published as abstracts;

Author of a chapter in 2 American  text books. As a sole author he published a unique book in scientific literature – Surgery of the Orbit. He has written 7 chapters for the text-book which is prepared for publishing;

Invited to give 42 lectures in big world centers: 5 at Mayo Clinic, 2 at University Medical Center in New York, 4 at the Medical Institute in Sofia, 5 in Cairo, 3 at the University Hospital in London, 2 in Glasgow, 1 in Tokyo, 2 in Rome, 2 in San Francisco, 2 in Miami, 5 in Sankt Petersburg,   3 in Moscow, 7 lectures at Penn State University as a visiting professor and 2 lectures in Hanover as a visiting professor;

Quoted around 200 time in the leading international journals and books. It is not known for certain how many times he was quoted in domestic and different foreign journals and books;

2007:  On seminar about Face and Orbit Surgery in Baltimore, the most famous center for the face and orbit trauma in the USA ( Prof. Dr. Manson ) and one of the major themes of the seminar was dedicated to the work of professor Roncevic in the field of the face and orbit surgery;

2002: American Association of Aesthetic Surgery organized symposium “ International Advances in Aesthetic Surgery” in Las Vegas. Professor Roncevic was one of rare guests – experts outside the USA invited. After the symposium Dr. Roncevic was presented with special written thank-note and the comments that his contribution to the educational program  had been highly  apprised by all the participants;

In charge of 5 scientific projects so far and he has a broad general knowledge in medicine;

Mentor in the preparations of M.A. and doctoral Dissertations;

Performs the whole range of plastic, aesthetic, craniomaxillofacial, oral surgery and surgery of the orbit;

Worked as senior surgeon and professor in leading hospitals in former Yugoslavia
(Military Medical Academy, Belgrade; Military Hospital, Zagreb; Clinical Center of Serbia, Belgrade; Clinical Center of Novi Sad). Now, owns private surgery of plastic, aesthetic, craniofacial surgery and surgery of the orbit;

Member of many international and world medical associations;

Contribution Science:

  • Presented  his own hypothesis about the impact of synthetic antifibrinolitics on the prevention of bleeding in persons from hemophilia / Vojnosanitetski pregled 28:22,1971/;
  • Challenged current views concerning Warthin tumor genesis and presented some personal suppositions and suggestions regarding surgical treatment / Vojnosanitetski pregled 32:389,1975 /;
  •  Belivs that conservative therapy in cases of diffuse neck lipomatosis  / Madelung disease /makes no sense. He suggested the  strategy of surgical treatment  / Vojnosanitetski pregled 33:127, 1976 /;
  • Described in detail, for the first time, the differences between Sjogren syndrome and Miculicz disease / Lijecnicki vjesnik 101:423, 1979 /;
  •  Clearly explained  etiology and pathogenesis of chronic recurrent parotitis  / J. Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery 7:234, 1979  - European journal /;
  • Claimed that benign limphoepithelial lesion - Miculicz disease can also be malignant / J. Oral & Maxillofacial  Surgery 39:449,1981 – American journal /;
  • Challenged the universally acknowledged opinion that hemangiomas in children reduce spontaneously in nearly 90%. Cavernous hemangiomas and nevus flameus do not reduce spontaneously. / Chirurgia maxillofacialis&plastica 12:105, 1982 /;
  • Offered his own approach to the neglected, untreated, maltreated fractures of zygomatic-maxillary complex. He challenged the view, which had been acknowledged by then, that the refracture of the neglected fractures of these bones can not be performed successfully. He showed that regardless the time elapsed from the injury, it is possible to perform a precise refracture of the mentioned bones, and then the reposition, implying the most successful correction of the face deformations / J. Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery 11:252,1983 – European journal /;
  • Argumentatively challenged numerous theories about etiology of masseter muscle hypertrophy and he pointed out that it was a genetic anomaly- hyperplasia in question. He presented an efficient way of surgical treatment of this anomaly by transoral approach / J. Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery 14:344,1986 – European journal /
  • Introduced his own, successful, with lots of praises and discussions accepted, method of surgical treatment of thyroid exophthalmos by the orbit decompression on 3 walls an by extirpation of orbital fat tissue / Plastic Reconstructive Surgery 84:754,1989;   86:171,1990;   88:371,1991;   89:382,1992;   89:765,1992 –American journal /;
  • Presented his own method of the correction of retraction and deformations of eyelids in patients with thyroid exophthalmos / J. Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery 23:355,1995 – European journal;  Plastic Reconstructive Surgery 84:754,1998- American journal;  ISAPS 1997 /;
  • Has his own opinion about the way and the time of the surgical correction of the mandibulo-facial disostosis / J. Craniofacial Surgery 7:251,1996 – American journal /;
  • Invented  his own method of correction of congenital and acquired anomalies and face deformities by using doubled pericranial flaps in the combination with osteopericranial flaps and orthognathic surgical procedures/ British J. Plastic Surgery 47:230,1994 /;
  • Described the Hnhartt syndrome with facial asymmetry for the first time ever. He performed the surgical correction using his own method, that is the combination of pericranial and osteopericranial flaps with orthognathic surgical procedures/ British J. Plastic Surgery 48:511,1995 /;
  • First surgeon in the world who “reduced” the eyes in persons with protruding eyes due to the shallow and short orbits / Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 21:339,1997 – American journal/;
  • Invented his own approach  and method of surgical treatment of the orbital fracture with comments on all previous mistakes and misunderstandings concerning the treatment of this complex problem. He also classified the orbital fractures and his classification was universally accepted / Annals Plastic Surgery 31:288,1994 – American journal;  J.Craniofacial Surgery 10:284 –301,1999 – American journal;  The Home Study Course in Head and Neck Surgery, Section 4, American Academy of Head and Neck Surgery, 1996 /;
  • Made the Protocol of Clinical Center of Serbia for surgical treatment of malignant skin tumors / Srpski Arhiv 122: 358,1944 /;
  • Made a study concerning the organization of medical corps in war conditions. He point out the mistakes of the valid medical corps doctrine in the war from 1991to 1993 / Serbian Academy for Science and Art /;
  • The book “Surgery  of the Orbit” was estimated by reviewers as a scientific monography  of national importance. For the first time, ever, that one book contains the complete surgery of the orbit, offering many original solutions and opinions which have been previously published in major international journals. Until recently the surgery of the orbit was “no man’s land”;
  • With his team he made drafts for laws regulating the health system, 1998. These drafts are still of interest.