Dr Tijana Antin Pavlović, MD

Work experience:

January, 2010 -  Present: Specialist psychiatric clinic "Dr. Selaković", Belgrade;  

 2008 – 2009: General Medicine Practice "Antea", Belgrade;  

 2006 – Present: "Cali Vita International", Belgrade;   

Position: part of the medical team and consultant in the field of dietary supplements;


  •  Medical School, University of Belgrade, 2004;
  • High School, Zrenjanin, 1996;

Proffesional trainings:

  • 3-rd IASSID – Europe Conference “Integrating Biomedical and Psyho-Social – Educational Perspectives", Rome , Italy, 2010;
  • The School of Quantum Medicine, Belgrade, The Serbian Medical Society, 2008;
  • The School of Darkfield Microscopy, Belgrade, 2006;
  • International Association of IPPNW physicians, Misionartzliche Clinic, Wurzburg, Germany, 2002; 


  • Antin T. et al. "Forensic expertise of corpses from water", X International Congress of Medical Students. Cairo;
  • Antin Pavlović, T., Selaković M., Punišić S. (2009). "The impact of supplementation and audio – linguist   treatment in children with early developmental disorders", II International Congress on Dietary Supplements. Belgrade;