Prof. dr Valentina Arsić Arsenijević MD, MSc, PhD - Specialists in microbiology and parasitology

Date of Birth: 02.02.1964.;

Nationality: Serbian;

Work History:

2012 - present: MyCoMedLab Ltd founder;

2010 - present: Full University Professor;

2008 - present: National Reference Laboratory of Medical Mycology, head;

1997 - present:  University Lecturer B (Associate Professor);

1989 - 1996: University Lecturer A (Assistant Professor);

1989 - present:  Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia;


2008: Subspecialist in Mycology and Parasitology (School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia);

2007: Study tour in Sweden (University of Stockholm, Karolinska);

2005 - 2006: Postdoctoral study in Immunology and Mycology (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia);

1996: PhD in Immunology and Mycology (School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia);

1994: Specialist in Microbiology and Parasitology (School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia);

1992: MSc in Immunology and Mycology (School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia);

1982 - 1988: MD (School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia);

1978 -1982: Secondary High School „Bora Stanković“, Vranje, Serbia;


2009: Fellowship for study tours, Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research (Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Innsbruck);

2007:Fellowship for study tour, EPTISA International and Ministry of health of Serbia;

2006: The scholarships for the postgraduate studies of foreign citizens in Slovenia in the academic year 2006-07, AD FUTURA Science and Education Foundation of the Republic of Slovenia;

2005: Fellowship for postdoctoral study, Ministry of Science and Technological Development Republic of Serbia;

2003: INCO senior grant/1st FEMS Congress of European Microbiologists, Federation of European Microbiological Societies;


2011 - 2014: Arsic Arsenijevic V. - Project Manager: The importance of early detection of laboratory biomarkers for the outcome of invasive fungal infections in our country. MNTR of Serbia (OI 175 034);

2011 - 2014: Arsic Arsenijevic V. - Collaborator on the project: Neuroendocrine control of growth hormone secretion in humans - new challenges. Control of energy homeostasis in various pathological conditions. Clinical-pathological correlation and genetic basis of pituitary and neuroendocrine tumors. MNTR of Serbia (Head – Prof. dr V. Popovic Brkic) (OI 175 033);

2008 - 2010: Arsić Arsenijević V - Project Manager: Application of new methods in improvement of the effectiveness of treatment of fungal diseases in humans (TR 23009) Ministry of Science and Technological Development of Serbia;

2008 - 2007: Arsic Arsenijevic V. - Project Manager: European Agency for Reconstruction project "Improvement of laboratory services in Serbia," the head of the National Reference Laboratory for the causes of mycosis (Decision of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia no. 022-04-28);

2006 - 2010. Arsic Arsenijevic V. - collaborator on the project: Biological consequences of genetic variability of the virus (145047B) Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection of Serbia (Head - Prof. Dr. Tanja Jovanović);

2004 - 2005: Arsić Arsenijević V - Project Manager: The stimulation of CD8 + lymphocyte antigens of the fungus Cryptococcus neoformans as a model for testing vaccine efficacy against cryptococcosis in HIV + persons. Intergovernmental project scientific and technological cooperation between Serbia and Montenegro and the Republic of Slovenia 1991-1995. Arsic Arsenijevic V - Collaborator on the project: Immunological studies in medicine. (Head - prof. Dr. M. L. Lukić);

2002 - 2005: Arsic Arsenijevic V. - Collaborator on the project: Applied and experimental study of parasitic and fungal diseases in humans. (Head - Prof. Dr S Mitrovic);

1996 - 2000: Arsic Arsenijevic V. - Collaborator on the project: Immunoregulatory and effector mechanisms in immunopathological disorders and infections. (Head - Prof. Dr M. Mostarica Stojkovic);

1996 - 2000: Arsic Arsenijevic V. - Collaborator on the project: Human parasitic and fungal infections. (Head - prof. Dr. Ivana Kranjčić-Rabbit);

1991 - 1995: Arsic Arsenijevic V. - Collaborator on the project: Exploring the distribution of biological properties and mechanisms of action of oral pathogenic protozoa. (Head Prof. dr. Ljiljana Scepan);

Invited speaker:

2012: Belgrade, Serbia – 3rd Symposium Diagnosis and therapy of fungal diseases (Organizer);

2009: Belgrade, Serbia - Diagnosis of invasive fungal infections, SLD;

2009: Belgrade, Serbia - Continuing Medical Education Course: Diagnosis and therapy of fungal diseases in humans. (Organizer and moderator of the round table: Fungal infections);

2009: Belgrade, Serbia - Continuing Medical Education Course: Diagnosis and therapy of fungal diseases in humans. Medical Faculty in Belgrade (Organizer);

2008: Belgrade, Serbia - Laboratory diagnosis of invasive fungal infections, MSD Symposium;

2008: Belgrade, Serbia - Scientific Meeting: VI Congress of Medical Microbiology. (Member of Scientific Committee);

2008. Belgrade, Serbia - Scientific Symposium: Diagnosis and therapy of fungal diseases in humans. Medical Faculty in Belgrade, (Organizer);

2008: Belgrade, Serbia - The role of medical mycology laboratories for the treatment of patients with fungal infections. VI Congress of Medical Microbiology;

2007: Belgrade, Serbia - The development of medical mycology in Serbia from Professor Simo Milosevic today, SLD;

2007: Belgrade, Serbia – Referential methods of testing the sensitivity of fungi to antifungal, SLD 1996: Herceg Novi, Montenegro - Organization of scientific meetings, symposium and CME, Scientific Meeting: Days of microbiologists Yugoslavia.;

2006: Ljubljana, Slovenia - Fungal infections, Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana;

2006: Belgrade, Serbia - Hemolysin as a new virulence factors of fungi. Congress of Medical Microbiology 2009. Ohrid, Macedonia - Cumulative diagnostic value of galactomannan and anti-Aspergillus antibody detection in patients suspected for developing invasive aspergillosis. 6th Balkan Congress of Microbiology - Microbiologia Balkanica 2009 and 4th Congress of the Macedonian microbiologists;

2000: Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia - Resistance on antifungal drugs of fungi which are cause of human infections. VIII Congress of Yugoslav microbiologists;

1998: Belgrade, Serbia - Scientific meeting: Tissue helminthoses humans and animals. (Member of the Organizing Committee) SASA and JDP;

1998: Igalo, Montenegro - Immunity on fungal infections. Yugoslavian days of microbiologists with international conference;


2009: ISHAM International Society of Human and Animal Mycology (Member);

2009: Society of Parasitology Serbia (Member of the Presidency);

2008: Serbian Society of Medical Mycology (President);

2008: European Confederation of Medical Mycology (Delegate);

2008: Serbian Medical Chamber;

2006: Slovenian Medical Chamber;

1998: Serbian Society of Parasitology (Member);

1998: Yugoslavian Society of Parasitology (founder and member of the Presidency);

1989: Serbian Medical Society (Member);


  • BMC Infectious Disesases;
  • The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal;

Professional and Scientific Achievements:

  • Over 20 years of experience in different fields of basic immunology, mycology and parasitology;
  • Excellent ex vivo and in vitro induction and evaluation of the infection;


  • Well presented communicator with effortless ability to integrate into various cultures;
  • University lecturer of mycology, parasitology, immunology, dermatology and infectious diseases courses for undergraduates and postgraduates;
  • Accomplished public speaker who presented numerous talks on various microbiological and immunological subjects at national and international scientific meetings; 
  • Communicate at different levels within the organization, from the laboratory technicians to the head of the department;


  • Published over 160 papers and abstracts in international scientific books, journals and conference proceedings;
  • Author of selected chapters in 12 university textbooks;

Laboratory Skills:

  • Twenty years laboratory experience in experimental and clinical microbiology and immunology;
  • Comprehensive knowledge of various cellular and humoral immunology methods;
  • Ex vivo: experimental models of infection diseases; depletion of T-cell subsets and immunization;
  • In vitro: proliferation assays and lymphocytes cultures; cytokine production and detection assays for IL-1, IL-2, IL-6 and TNF-. Immunofluorescence staining, phenotype determination and flow cytometry assay test of indirect immunofluorescence for antibody detection, ELISA for antigen and antibody detection in mycology and parasitology diagnostic tests;
  • Well experienced in immunology and molecular techniques currently used in medical mycology and parasitology, as well as isolation and identification of yeast, fungi and parasites;

Foreign languages: English, Russian, Slovenian;

Selected Publications:

  • Petkovic Lj., Arsic-Arsenijevic V., Skvarc M., Kopitar A.,Kotnik V., Simcic S., Wraber B., Matos T., Ihan A.,. Anticryptococcal cytotoxicity of murine non-adherent cells is perforin and non-perforin mediated. Mycologia. 2010, 102; 552-9;
  • Pekic S., Arsic - Arsenijevic V., Skender Gazibara M., Milojevic T., Pendjer I., Stojanovic M., Popovic V., What lurks in the sellar? Lancet 2010, 30;375-6;
  • Arsic - Arsenijevic, V., Petkovic Lj., Dzamic A., Colovic I., Barac A., Ihan A., A murin model for study of anticryptococcal activity mediated by cytotoxic immune cells – role in immunization and human vaccine strategies. Acta veterinaria, 2011 61(2-3):109-118;
  • Trpkovic A., Pekmezovic M., Barac A., Crnčevic Radovic, Arsic Arsenijevic V., In vitro antifungal activities of amphotericin B, 5-fluorocytosine, fluconazole and itraconazole against Cryptococcus neoformans isolated from cerebrospinal fluid and blood from patients in Serbia. Journal de Mycologie Médicale 2012 22, 243—248;
  • Goran Marjanovic, Natasa Miladinovic Tasic, Simona Gabrielli, Suzana Otasevic, Lidija Popovic Dragonjic, Branislava Kocic, Valentina Arsic Arsenijevic, Gabriella Cancrini.. First case of visceral leishmaniosis/hiv co-infection in Niš – southeastern Serbia. Arch Biol Sci 2012 64 (4) 1271-1276;
  • Ratkov E., Vidovic A., Minic, Janic., Sipetić-Grujicic S., Dzamic A., Arsic-Arsenijevic V., Detection of laboratory biomarkes in haematological and pulmonology patients at high risk for aspergillosis. Srp Arh Celok Lek. 2012 140(5-6):290-8.