Wine as a function of health

Modern medicine considers that the effects of wine on the human organism specific and significant. In fact, research show that wine has positive effects to the stomach, liver, heart, improves memory, to releif  stress and slow aging. These are just some of the benefits of wine, which consuming is recommend by scientists.

But what wine does to the wellbeing?
First of all, wine and other foods should be used moderately. If you drink it overdose, the wine can harm your body a lot.

The key is in moderation.
For those who want to maintain a normal  weight, the wine helps to lower blood glucose and insulin. Moderate consumption of wine may also help to lower blood pressure. Red wine has an important role in the prevention of arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction, inflammatory and antiviral effect, with its physiologically active substances are important free radical scavenger, which are responsible for the harmful aging process of the organism.

During constant stress, organism needs more of vitamins C and B group, calcium and magnesium, so that moderate wine consumation, can have a positive effect on relieving stress.

The geographical position of the vineyards in Serbia offers tourists a variety of options dealing with health tourism and the enjoy in wine. We invite you to attend a tasting of wine and food, recreation, socializing, festivals, learn about the process of wine making production and winery tour.